Climate Proofing Australia

Climate Proofing Australia (CPA) is a conservation and industry led alliance of organisations committed to advancing the role of agribusiness, conservation and natural resource management in Australia’s climate change and emissions reduction policy.

CPA advocates for a climate change policy framework that strikes the right balance between environmental, social and economic policy outcomes. Such an approach recognises that optimal sustainability and environmental restoration practices can increase productivity and/or profitability and build regional resilience through restoration of natural and social capital.

Securing the future of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), and enhancing it to incentivise whole-of-landscape benefits, is key to achieving these outcomes.

With the right policy settings, the environment, agriculture and forestry sectors can work together in an unprecedented manner to significantly reduce Australia’s emissions, maximise the land sector’s carbon storage potential, improve environmental and biodiversity outcomes and boost economic activity across primary industries.

CPA aims to lead and inform policy makers, industry, conservationists and the general public about climate change and environmental management solutions that:

  • Ensure a whole-of-landscape approach to emissions reductions and carbon storage on land that maximises environmental, social and economic benefits;
  • Raise awareness that Australia’s food and fibre supply chains are a critical part of the solution to lowering Australia’s emissions and can play an even greater role with the right policy settings;
  • Ensure biodiverse plantings are recognised as a key part of the productive landscape and land-based carbon strategies to address the current decline in biodiversity.

CPA’s ask from decision makers

CPA is calling for a national consensus to boost the role of the CFI and other initiatives to deliver even more carbon abatement on land, and to better integrate the efforts of forestry and farming with land conservation and revegetation to deliver integrated environmental and productivity outcomes.

By bringing the government, industry, and conservation sectors together we can play a significant role in Australia meeting its global emissions reduction commitments. By working towards carbon neutrality within our agricultural landscape, we can also generate regional economic activity, repair widespread land degradation and reverse declines in biodiversity.

Key Policy Principles

CPA supports:

  1. The continuation and enhancement of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) to maximise biodiversity, and food and fibre production benefits alongside the scheme’s carbon sequestration objectives;
  2. The development of new mechanisms and incentives for carbon abatement on land projects that brings together institutional, private and public capital;
  3. The need for new and improved national environmental datasets and mapping to guide best practice and whole-of-landscape policy making that integrates forestry, farming and conservation outcomes;
  4. Primary industries working towards carbon neutrality by 2030;
  5. Improving the Australian landscape through a strategic approach of balancing native
    biodiverse plantings with agricultural production and forestry.